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    PropertyOfZack Interview : : Right Away, Great Captain!


    Fans were more than excited last week when we took the wraps off the story behind the final Right Away, Great Captain! record, and PropertyOfZack is now incredibly thrilled to be posting our full interview with Andy Hull. In the full interview, Andy and I discussed the prolonged gap between the second and third record, what the project means to Hull in its closing, a special pressing of the series, the full story of the sailor, a tour, and so much more. We’re stoked to be teaming up with Andy, and we’ll have a lot more to come. Check it out below and enjoy!

    You’ve been working on this last chapter of the story for a few years now. To fans, it seemed like you had finished recording it last year. But we spoke last fall and you said you were taking more time to make it as great as it could be. Can you talk about the need in your mind to go back and make sure the ending was how it is now?
    There was a certain spot in the story where I could have finished it and it could have been the end, but it wasn’t exactly a final stance on anything. There wasn’t any curtain call, or something like that. I didn’t know if I wanted that necessarily, but that’s what took me so long. I recorded the last one in 2008, so it took me over three years since I recorded it. That was really mentally strange because I wanted to make sure that what I did was effective and told the story. The thing that makes Right Away, Great Captain! so cool is that fans are so interested in the story. So it really needed a really nice farewell. I went back and added two more tracks that intertwine the stories well. That’s really the reason why. I wanted to have a cool finale.

    The last record came out in 2008, and it has been close to four years now. Manchester got so busy with the last two albums and you had Bad Books as well, but fans get being so interested in this last album.
    That’s the surprising thing to me. People still listen to those records and they’re still buying those records from iTunes. We’re going to print up copies of this
    really cool vinyl packaging of all three albums. I feel like that’s another way to sum it up since we never released anything physically before other than in a few short runs. The fans are definitely really important to me on this one. Far more than anything else.

    This whole project has been really in-house with just you and Favorite Gentlemen. Does the fact that fans have been pushing for it for four years make it even better?
    That’s what makes you nervous [Laughs]. There was definitely a point where I had to be certain with my ending. It’s got to come to this conclusion.

    Everyone was so engulfed in the first two stories. At this point, people may just be listening to those albums because they just love the music. Can you quickly sum up the story again?
    The guy, me, the character sees his wife and his brother having sex. The love that he has for this woman is a deep and ravishing love that turns into hatred and loneliness on that first record. When he leaves, he doesn’t tell her. The first record has a lot of stops, but the second record sees the character moving around in places. There are a lot of conversations between him and the captain in the first record who serves as his mentor and father figure. In the first record, the captain saves the main’s character’s life in a fire and the captain dies. There’s this story of taking his place and he never lives that down because the captain is always still with him. The first one ends with him docking at see after three years onshore and seeing his family and deciding that he’s not going to get off the boat. If he did, he’d have to kill all of them, which is crazy [Laughs].

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    i love how he’s all profound throughout 9 questions, and then when the vinyl is mentioned, he goes “It’ll be all colored too. It’s badass.”

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      Well this is unbearably exciting. If that tour reaches the UK it’ll be one of the greatest gigs.
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